STEAM UK Education Award

ArtBeat: Art and Anatomy Edinburgh is Medesthai’s first STEAM UK Education Award recipient

ArtBeat: Art and Anatomy Edinburgh, an association of Anatomy@Edinburgh, was originally founded in 2014 by Nichola Robertson and Kimberley Dunlop at the University of Edinburgh as a course for students and staff.

ArtBeat links local surgeons and local artists who co-deliver sessions to make anatomy clinically relevant and ensure students discover and hone their artistic skills. Robertson states, “There are many transferrable skills between practicing art and clinical practice – skills such as observation, dexterity and critical thinking”.

The team ‘s successful public engagement events are enhanced by working with renowned artists such as George Donald,
Joan Smith and Danny Quirk. They continue to welcome new members, including Medical Illustrator & University of Edinburgh Anatomy Teaching Fellow Victoria McCulloch, as they expand their exciting events to engage students and the public in learning anatomy through art.


Artbeat Medesthai Body Painting