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Medesthai is a pioneer of the chambers model in education, in the way that all of our educators, tutors, and teachers are independent - each pursuing their personal development paths and interests, but working within the Medesthai framework.

Educational consultations are conducted either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups (of up to 4 people) to ensure that they are bespoke to the learners themselves. Within these sessions, special attention is paid to meta-learning: equipping high potential and cognitively diverse learners with the tools to master their own learning techniques, so that they may apply them to all future educational endeavours.

Medesthai also offers bursaries, where appropriate, to ensure access to educational enrichment, as well as work experience for those wishing to pursue career paths into STEAM.



The Tutors' Association
The Professional Body for Tutors and the Tutoring Profession

One Degree
London Youth Mentoring Charity for GCSE students

Potential Plus UK
Independent charity supporting children with high learning potential and their families

Charity organisation supporting education professionals by providing resources and training

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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