Founded in 2011, Medesthai was first a clinical practice working with young adults. Based in London, its core purpose was originally to be a referral network of educators and clinicians. This format was subsequently formalised by officialising its advisory council, which was formed primarily by referrals from private sources, the NHS, and various charities.

This Advisory Council strengthens Medesthai through its combined international experience across a huge variety of specialisms, including architecture, archaeology, finance, creative writing, real estate, sociology, medicine, psychiatry, psychology, engineering, biomedical sciences, mechanical engineering, law and marketing. Many of the council are also parents with children in a range of types and levels of education. Such a breadth of expertise and a desire to enhance learning through collaboration allowed strategic partnerships to be fostered with educational charities, the STEAM model was born, and Medesthai transitioned into what it is today: a proactive organisation dedicated to innovation, growth and development.

To advance our mission, we work with many partners to achieve the following:

  • actively inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers
  • increase sustainable pathways for career development
  • invest in important programmes
  • provide leadership and a forum for dialogue on critical issues

Medesthai’s organisational structure reflects the nature of what we do – we have a diverse yet small core team, and the hierarchy remains flat, with teams constructed around their skill sets (e.g. marketing & advertising, management, e-commerce & IT). We specialise in development through:

  1. identifying and building on strengths
  2. pinpointing and analysing difficulties
  3. applying design-thinking to foster resilience, curiosity and growth

The attentive and reflective ‘medesthai mindset’ drives the work we do with diversely talented individuals, right from KS1 through to third age, across three overlapping units:

Medesthai’s Educational Unit offers direct services through STEAM and other initiatives, working in tandem with the Clinical Unit.

Medesthai’s Enterprise Unit is a hybrid think tank-incubator, a framework for germinating new ideas from pre-incubation to hosting. We offer a platform for emerging researchers, artists and designers to create and test out concepts. We provide mentoring and facilitate strategic collaborations.


/med· əs· THī/

1. To be mindful of.
2. To think upon.
3. To turn over in one’s mind.

The root *med- signifies “to measure, to consider, advise, to take appropriate measures” and relates to mederi, “to remedy or heal.”